STYLEFILE //: Shag and Moto Leather

Today I am here with a new post featuring some of my favorite pieces of clothing. It has finally cooled down here in Texas (its about 50 degrees in the morning) and this temp drop has put me in such a good mood especially now that I can wear REAL clothes. Sooo over all the hot weather we had been having!

This amazing leather hat (made of 100% recycled lambskin) is from Heavy Metal Boyfriend. I have loved these hats for a while and now that I have one I plan to never take it off! I cant rave about it enough. And they may or may not have also sent me a little matching baby version for Stiles Vaughan to wear when he gets here…! My shaggy jacket is from The Lovers and Drifters Club . It is the perfect fall/winter layering piece! It makes any outfit look instantly cool. My tee is from the tried and true, Feather Hearts, and I am actually surprised it still fits me with this giant belly I am currently sporting! My ripped maternity jeans are from H&M and my ankle boots are by NANA. Also, in case you are wondering, I am 33 weeks pregnant in these photos! CRAZY TIME.








And thats all, folks!




2 thoughts on “STYLEFILE //: Shag and Moto Leather

  1. I think you have to be the most beautiful preggo lady Ive seen in a real long time. It was nice to see a post from you, and I hope you’re feeling ok, and looking forward to your last couple of weeks!

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