Mrs. Patels // Treats to Increase Your Milk Supply

 To all of my fellow breastfeeding mamas…can we just all agree with how wonderful breastfeeding it is? It is one of the most wonderful things I have ever done. The restfulness it brings, the quiet, the bond it creates between you and your baby is so strong. I never knew I would love it this much before I had Stiles Vaughan but it really is completely wonderful.

I was sent a delicious package full of milk supply increasing goodies from Mrs. Patel’s. They sent a package of their fenugreek bars, Milk Water Tea and Munch Crunch. When these arrived they all looked and smelled just so aromatic and wonderful. This company has an amazing history and story and all of their products are specially formulated to help heal the postpartum body and increase milk supply naturally and ayurvedically. I was excited to try this because anything that can enhance your breastfeeding experience always catches my eye.

If any of you have taken Fenugreek then you know that quickly after starting you will begin to smell like a bucket of maple syrup walking around! Fenugreek does amazing things for your milk supply and these bars do just the same as a fenugreek supplement without making you smell like syrup and they are a whole lot more enjoyable than just taking some pills. They come in 3 delicious flavors original, peanut butter and chocolate…of course the chocolate was my favorite! I will say that the first few times you eat them they have a very strong flavor and it is an acquired taste. The Milk Water tea in chai spice is super delicious and tastes WAY better than Mothers Milk tea. While I had to force Mothers Milk down, the Milk Water I actually enjoyed drinking. I added some milk and honey and it was perfect! This is a super easy way to add a big milk booster to your diet and daily routine. The Munch Crunch is an extra little something to add to your favorite food. It has a great toasted nut taste and is delicious on all kinds of things! It is great in oatmeal, yogurt or just take a little handful as you walk by. I have only been incorporating these three treats into my diet for a week but I have noticed a definite increase in milk supply! These have been a helping hand as my son is currently cutting teeth and wanting to nurse pretty much all day long. I never missed a beat and was able to keep that little belly full and happy! Thank you so so much for sending all of these things my way to the ladies at Mrs. Patel’s! Y’all know whats up about breast milk and the postpartum body!

You can find all of the items mentioned about at their website, and don’t forget to check out their Facebook page and Instagram!

And thats all, folks!



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