STYLE FILE // : 5 Fall Essentials

Autumn. In my world, it is the most anticipated season of the year. There is nothing like waking up on that first morning of crisp weather, seeing the leaves blow down the street and having to put socks on because your toes are cold. Everything is better in the fall. The world is a better place. Food tastes better, the air smells better. I feel like the world really starts over once the weather starts to cool down…so right now, I am one happy lil lady. Now that it really is starting to feel fall-ish here in Texas I have been having so much fun getting dressed. For me, I generally have 5 things that I tend to wear once fall hits. Long patterned dresses (dresses that I wore all summer get a new life in fall when you add jackets and scarves and sweaters on top of them), huge oversized sweaters, a chunky scarf, boots and a felt hat. Fall dressing is so fun because you finally get to wear ALL of your favorite clothes (even all at once if you want)! I’m a huge fan of layering so in this outfit I just grabbed some of my favorite cool weather pieces and put them all together.  My dress is a 70s vintage beauty that I purchased from Squash Blossom Vintage. My boots are my most worn shoes in my closet, they are by NANA…a similar pair can be found HERE. My scarf is from Target. My sweater is vintage. My hat is from Lack of Color. I love how the earthy tones of the dress contrast with the vibrant and bold design on this huge wool sweater. You can never do wrong with some ankle cowboy boots and of course a neutral colored scarf and hat. Fall, I am glad you are here to stay.

My friend Kat of Always and Forever Photography asked me and Sara Rash to be a part of this joint blog post and I was thrilled! You can check out Kat’s 5 fall essentials HERE and Sara’s HERE.! They are both fellow Texas gals and both have stellar style. You can follow them on Instagram @AandFPhotos and @SaraLRash and be inspired everyday!









And that’s all, folks!




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